• 1. Each player is responsible for his own account. Mercia is not responsible for your stolen and lost items.
  • 2. The items you receive by uploading TL are for Mercia support. No rights can be claimed.
  • 3. Mercia Management reserves the right to suspend a player from the game indefinitely or for a certain period of time without giving an excuse if necessary.
  • 4. Mercia Management reserves the right to change the membership agreement without notifying the users if necessary.
  • 5. I declare that I took the TL loans I bought from Mercia on my own accord and that I will not refund the money in any way or that I have no right to complain.

Server Status

1165 / 9999

Ranking Top 10

Castle Owners

Hotan Fortress
Tax: 0%

Event Calendar

Server Time 00:00:00
Fortress War 00:00:00
Special Trade 00:00:00
Selkish / Neith 00:00:00
Anubis / Isis 00:00:00
Haroeris / Seth 00:00:00
BA (Random) 00:00:00
BA (Party) 00:00:00

Payment Methods

Server Information

Exp Rate 50x
Sp Rate 50x
Level Cap 110
Mastery Cap 440
Silk Donate


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